Past BIM Work

  • Secure Data Center – BIM
  • Metro Offices
  • Women’s Shelter – BIM

We at E Construction believe that building information modeling (BIM) is the future of construction. This belief has lead us to invest heavily into BIM. We host a full service BIM department that can provide the following:

Our BIM Department boasts the ability to create building information models of all disciplines of the job in house. Using Revit Architecture, MEP and Structure, we can create our models from the construction documents or receive and manipulate the models from the design team. During this process we attach all essential information into the building model to help facilitate the construction process.
Using the building information model, we run a spatial conflict test to see if any of the design will cause delays in the field. Running this type of analysis during the design phase has been proven to cut design rework down to .2% of its original value and provide a 30% increase in productivity of the mechanical contractor.
Having a highly detailed model allows us to produce accurate quantity estimates of the virtual project. Being able to pull these estimates within minutes allows us to provide more detailed scopes to our subcontractors which gives us more accurate estimates.
We have the ability to send our building information models into the field so that our superintendents and subcontractors can both benefit from the use of BIM. Having the building information model in the field, allows our team to more accurately communicate and collaborate with subcontractors to help ensure a more productive environment and ultimately create a more quality product.
Once we create our schedule, we can then attach the schedule timeline to the building model. With the timeline attached to the building model, we can produce a time lapse simulation of the proposed schedule. This simulation allows us to collaborate better with our clients due to providing a visual schedule. Also this process helps to reduce any project delays due to improper construction thus allowing us to adhere to tighter schedules and budgets.
When handing over the physical building at the end of the construction process, we can also hand over our virtual model for use by our clients building management. We can create our virtual models to host any level of information needed by the client for post construction management. Also, we are in the process of developing our own application for our clients that will allow them to do away with having to store drawings and O&M manuals, instead just using our building information models to access any of the building’s information.


Founded by Robert Ehardt and Sharada Singh, in 2010. E Construction believes that a can do attitude and hard work, infused with a spirit of excellence enables our teams to exceed our client expectations. The company’s founding principles are driven to deliver the highest level of service to every client on every project no matter what it takes. E Construction Groups founders believe through example and inspiration, a single individual can move mountains.


E Construction has assembled a team of experienced construction professionals. All of our staff have worked in Washington DC market for over two decades and have a vast range of skills. In order to set ourselves apart from the competition; we are always striving to find ways to evolve the construction process through simple jobsite techniques, and comprehensive state of the art construction technology. E Construction has initiated, developed and patented its own post construction software in order to help evolve the construction process for the betterment of our industry and clients. We also offer a virtual reality jobsite walk through for clients that need more of a visual representation of the finish product.