Credits are earned in the Sustainable Sites category based upon site selection and base building characteristics and amenities. Typically for Commercial Interior projects site selection is determined prior to General Contractor selection.
The two Water Efficiency credits can be earned based upon percentage reductions in water use between the design case and a baseline case. As the General Contractor we are responsible for installing the specified plumbing fixtures and providing all the necessary submittals and cut-sheets to support the design case calculations.
Energy & Atmosphere Credits are earned by achieving above standard energy performance from the mechanicaland electrical systems within the tenant space. Similar to the Water Efficiency Credits, the General Contractor is responsible for installing mechanical and electrical equipment as specified and providing the necessary submittals and cut-sheets to support the design case calculations.
A project’s commitment to reuse and recycling can help earn credits in the Materials & Resources section. As the General Contractor we play a vital role in the achieving of these credits. We have an extensive ConstructionWaste Management Plan that enables us to divert as much construction debris from landfill disposal as possible. Dumping tickets and receipts are collected from our waste management vendor and used as part of the credit submittal documentation. Another responsibility of the General Contractor in the Materials & Resources section is the calculation of material reuse, recycled content, regional materials, rapidly renewable materials, and certified wood. For each of the following we work with our subcontractors to determine the material costs and the associated percentage of total project material costs. We are also responsible for providing submittals and cut-sheets to support the credit submittal documentation.
Credits in this section are earned by improving the Environmental Air and overall Indoor Quality for both the construction workers and the tenant occupants. We have developed and implemented a Construction IAQ Management Plan that includes the use of rated air filters on exposed HVAC systems during construction. Additionally we utilize IAQ testing by an environmental consultant and perform ventilation system flush-out procedures before tenant occupancy. For the five Low-Emitting Materials Credits it is our responsibility to ensure compliance with the specified materials and to provide supporting documentation such as Material Safety Data Sheets.
Innovation in Design Credits can be earned by substantially exceeding the requirements of an existing LEED Credit or by utilizing a strategy not currently addressed by LEED. Additionally, involvement in theproject of one of our on-staff LEED Accredited Professionals will earn 1 point in this section.


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