Virtual Reality Capability

What is VR Leasing?

VR Leasing uses the latest virtual reality technology to provide commercial real estate companies the ability to
give their perspective tenants an experience that they will remember for years to come. When future tenants
come to tour the building and their potential tenant space, a VR Leasing representative will be there to immerse
the tenant in a fully interactive 3D environment. This let’s them visualize their future space, just as if the lease had
been signed and construction had been completed. The image below is a direct screenshot of a sample virtual
reality space that we can efficiently build in 1 – 2 weeks

Traditional methods, such as “white-boxing” (demolishing a floor, adding a 2×2 ceiling and light fixtures), are used to help a potential tenant visualize themselves in a space and hopefully sign a lease. These methods haven’t changed in decades and costs landlords 12 – 16 precious weeks of rent loss and $16 – $18 per square foot in design and construction costs. Let’s be honest, those prospective tenants toured that same whitebox in another building before lunch – all landlords use this traditional method. Therefore, to truly set your building apart from the competition, landlords need to differentiate themselves during the tour. Shown below is the traditional leasing tour a potential tenant is greeted with (white box space with 2D floor plan of their future layout.

The power of Virtual Reality: VR Leasing allows commercial real estate companies to use the power of virtual reality to better their overall return on investment. This is simply due to the fact that we can get tenants touring spaces for lease within 2 weeks of kickoff and for 70% less cost than a white-box. With the market as competitive as it is, give your tenants an experience that will set your space apart from any other. Don’t let your future tenants tour the same dusty white-box, let them tour their future.



SPEED: Using virtual reality instead of the traditional method of white-boxing allows landlords to get tenants touring spaces open for lease in one-fifth of the time. White-boxing conservatively takes 12 – 16 weeks to design, permit and ultimately construct a full floor white-box. During these 12 – 16 weeks, the landlord is incurring revenue loss from lack of rent while also spending money out of pocket for overhead construction and design costs. From the day VR Leasing is contracted, we can turnaround a fully interactive VR tour for your tenants in just 1 – 2 weeks, saving landlords 11 – 14 weeks of rent loss on average.



COST EFFECTIVE: Any money spent on a tenant space prior to having a lease signed is considered overhead cost, whichs comes directly out of the landlord’s pocket. Traditional white-boxing costs an owner $16 – $18 a square foot and does not guarantee a tenant will be signing a lease any time soon. Using virtual reality to tour your tenants through their future space only costs $5 a square foot. Furthermore, only 50% of the VR cost is due upfront and the remaining 50% is paid only once a tenant has signed a lease, thus tying our success to the success of the landlord. Also, the remaining 50% can be amortized over the life of the tenant lease, causing only $2.50 a square foot to be paid out without a lease in place, versus $16 – $18 a square foot with the traditional methods.


GAME CHANGING: With the commercial leasing market as competitive as it is, landlords go to great lengths to set their buildings
apart from the competition. From upgrading building lobbies, adding amenities such as fitness centers and doing full elevator modernizations, large amounts of money is spent simply to give every building the edge it needs to drive in the maximum revenue possible. However, after touring a class A trophy lobby, potential tenants are then escorted through a dusty white-boxed space to see the floor in which they will one day hopefully lease.

Imagine yourself as a potential tenant: you have viewed three buildings that day, each with a beautiful lobby and class A status, however two of the buildings toured you through a white-box and handed you a paper floor plan in hopes to get you excited about leasing there. Finally, at the third building, you are brought to see your space for lease, however instead of a paper floor plan you are handed a pair of VR goggles. Then, physically
walk around your future space, seeing your logo on the wall, walking up to your reception desk and touring your future office like it had already been built and the lease had already been signed.

At the end of the day, which building are you going to remember?



Founded by Robert Ehardt and Sharada Singh, in 2010. E Construction believes that a can do attitude and hard work, infused with a spirit of excellence enables our teams to exceed our client expectations. The company’s founding principles are driven to deliver the highest level of service to every client on every project no matter what it takes. E Construction Groups founders believe through example and inspiration, a single individual can move mountains.


E Construction has assembled a team of experienced construction professionals. All of our staff have worked in Washington DC market for over two decades and have a vast range of skills. In order to set ourselves apart from the competition; we are always striving to find ways to evolve the construction process through simple jobsite techniques, and comprehensive state of the art construction technology. E Construction has initiated, developed and patented its own post construction software in order to help evolve the construction process for the betterment of our industry and clients. We also offer a virtual reality jobsite walk through for clients that need more of a visual representation of the finish product.


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